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Just-a-Tube Laser Captured Microdissection (LCM)Sample Total RNA/MicroRNA Purification Kit


The Just-a-Tube TM Laser Captured Microdissection (LCM) RNA/MicroRNA Purification Kit is designed for easy, fast extraction of LCM cell microRNA and total RNA with maximum recovery efficiency. No spin-column, silica membrane or magnetic beads are needed and no vacuum and filtration are required for the isolation. The binding tube provided in the kit will be used both in the sample purification and in downstream RT applcations.  After LCM, RNA molecules in the sample are captured efficiently onto the surface of the capture tube that is coated with a proprietary turbo-binder. After quick washing, without elution, isolated RNA can be used directly for downstream applications, such as RT and qRT-PCR and microarray analysis after amplification. The whole isolation process takes less than 30 minutes. Because no conventional membrane and beads are used in the kit, Just-a-Tube LCM RNA isolation system, using  the novel solid surface reversible binding technology,  provides maximum sample capture and release from limited sample sources without dead space or sample trapping problems usually associated with the membrane and beads based plates or column.

Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform:  After tissue section, the whole purification process takes less than 30 minutes to purify LCM samples.
  • Easy to handle: LCM sample purification and amplification all will be processed in the same tube in a streamlined protocol. No need to transfer among different tubes for each process.
  • Maximum Recovery: Since LCM sample source is limited. Maximum sample recovery rate is crucial for success of downstream applications. Since no conventional membrane and beads are needed in the process, novel SSRB technology provides maximum sample recovery.
  • Technical data:  Process down to 1 cell and up to several thousands cells from a diverse tissues samples, and up to 5-10 ug RNA can be purified based on the sample types.

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